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Content writing for advertising, PR, Event management. Developing content for news portal, software portal, trend based writing to develop unique online presonality of brand, product or website. Developing concept for digital media, out door advertising with script and illustration.

Real time support

  • Content writing & development support also available by G talk and Nimbuzz

  • Organic & Inorganic SEO

    Optimization based on webcontent and onpage SEO now mentioned as organic. Inorganic SEO is all about off-site tuning, ad posting, social media optimization and backlink based promotion, it is completely external activity.

Strategic planning for SEO and SMO campaign

Knowledge about audience is preliminary requisite for effective strategic planning.

  • Using Alt tag for images.

    To help search engines to understand images alt tag is used. keyword and key phrase of the webpage should be used to describe the image.

  • Use of meta description.

    Perfectly written meta descriptions give search engine enough information to judge the page better. When the search result is displayed meta description work as a summary of content to the audience. Meta description should be between 110 to 140 characters.

  • Keyword & keyphrase strategy

    Keyword and keyphrases are the most important SEO decisions. Pinpointed key words are stepping stone of every successful SEO.

  • Rules of successful title

    The title tag must have primary keyword and key phrases in it. Name of the site or brand will follow the key phrase. As the contents are unique in every page, titles are to be written accordingly.

  • Writing route map

    Content writing for blog, website, e-commerce portal & news portal. High quality in depth researched & interesting content for Website. Copy writing for online branding, content development for social media. Copy writing for print and audio-visual writing. Professional content writing brochure, ad posting.
    Writing for financial sector covering asset management, private equity, venture capital, investment banking, risk management and equity market. Writing for promotional campaign of educational modules such as MBA courses and Engineering courses. Sector specifiic writing covers product launch, electronics, life sciences, health care, genetics, writing for digital media, reputation management, PR campaign, inspirational video script. Copy writing for realty project campaigns.

Its time to start your own home business

Start your own fashion boutique in Kolkata, wholesale salwar kameez, Anarkali, saree, imitation jewellery, cosmetics

Global picture of home business.

As the small businesses are growing around the world so also the home business. Some of the most talented businessmen & entrepreneurs expressed there view that home businesses have many advantages over traditional business plan. Marketing Agency, Legal consultancy firms, back office, customer care, E commerce, Fashion retail whatever the business is, as a home business it becomes a flexible & a low cost business formula. Home based businesses have higher success rate & very good growth potential. Above all a very low investment requirement made home business an ideal project for young entrepreneurs. A home business owner can give more time to family and friends. Just like any business home business also have unlimited growth potential which requires effort, talent and innovative approach from the owner. According to report majority of US citizens prefer to be self employed. Majority of small businesses in Australia and USA are home businesses. Now opportunity is avaliable in Kolkata to start home based fashion boutique, garment retail, Imitation jewellery business which is most profitable business in retail genre.